Pope Francis Wants Even More Islamic Invasion of Europe

Pope Francis (C) speaks to migrants during his visit to the island of Lampedusa, a key destination of tens of thousands of would-be immigrants from Africa, on July 8, 2013. Pope Francis called for an end to 'indifference' to the plight of refugees on Monday on a visit to an Italian island where tens of thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East first reach Europe. AFP PHOTO / ANDREAS SOLARO (Photo credit should read ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, the purported head of the Catholic Church, Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis, has ushered in 2018 with another denunciation of those who want to preserve what is left of Western Civilization.  In a New Year’s address that the Church now calls “World Day of Peace,” instead of the traditional feast day of the Circumcision, Bergoglio once again labeled those who want to curb the coercive migration of Third World peoples into Occidental cultures as “sowers of violence,” “xenophobic,” and they “racially discriminate.”*

Francis continued his criticism of immigration opponents as being “guilty” of “demeaning the human dignity due to all as sons and daughters of God.”

A reality check is in order for Francis: the vast majority of migrants are Muslim who are mostly young males.  They are not “sons and daughters” of the Christian God and would be, to say the least, a little bit offended as being categorized as such!

Of course, for those who actually pay attention to this cretin, this is nothing new.  Since the beginning of his abominable “papacy,” Bergoglio has repeatedly pushed far-out left wing and green causes.   What is worse, however, is that Bergoglio is a heretic who has uttered a mind-blowing string of heresies that have disqualified him from being pope of the Catholic Church.  Not only has he demonstrated beyond a doubt that he is a heretic, but he cannot be pope on theological grounds.  The Argentine Apostate was ordained in the invalid post-Vatican II orders which confer no sacramental grace.  He is not a true bishop either since he also was consecrated in the new rite.  Bergoglio is simply a layman masquerading as a pope.

Nevertheless, “Pope Francis” has been cheerleading for even greater amounts of immigration, excoriating anyone who opposes him suggesting that such thoughts are “sinful.”  He has used the Chair which he illegitimately sits in both an immoral and unhistorical fashion.

In case Bergoglio is unaware, the popes were the main bulwark against the repeated Muslim attacks upon Christendom in the past.  It was the popes that encouraged and inspired the Western princes and powers to take up arms and repel the Mohammedans and reclaim Christian territory, most importantly the Holy Land during the Crusading era.  Had it not been for the popes, Europe may have already been overrun by the Infidel or at least had most of its lands compromised.

While it is imperative that enemies of the West of the likes of Bergoglio should be rebuked and, if possible, removed from their positions of power, mass migration opponents must likewise address the demographic nightmare that Europe faces. European birth rates have fallen to unsustainable levels and if trends are not reversed, Western man is headed for extinction if not marginalization in global affairs.

Declines in native European birth rates stem from factors both economic and cultural: (1) real income have continually fallen in the West which has now required many women to enter the workplace in greater numbers to offset the decline; (2) the Establishment has vigorously pushed the idea of women in professional roles and the nonsensical idea of “working mothers.” Women working during their most fertile years would naturally decrease the number of child births. There are, of course, other cultural factors – divorce, contraception, abortion – that have effects on low birth rates, all of which need to be taken in account before there can be a return to a more populous European Continent.

Foreign policy has contributed to the migration crisis. The US policy of regime change in Iraq, Libya, and its attempts to do so in Syria and now Iran has dislodged millions, making it easier for the powers that be to orchestrate their coercive mass migration schemes.  

There can be no compromise on mass immigration, the future of the European peoples and their glorious past accomplishments hang in the balance. While the enemies of Western Civilization such as “Pope Francis” want to eradicate this legacy, there is still significant numbers that understand the importance of preserving its past and the promise of its future.

For those who seek Western man’s survival, the heroic attitude of the Roman statesman, Cato the Elder, should be adopted who, after every speech, called for Rome’s lethal enemy’s destruction, “Carthago delenda est.” Hopefully, the proponents of mass migration will share the same fate as the Carthaginians did.

*Thomas D. Williams, “Pope Francis: Opponents of Mass Migration Sow ‘Violence, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia.'”  Breitbart.  1 January 2018.  http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/01/01/pope-francis-opponents-of-mass-migration-sow-violence-racial-discrimination-and-xenophobia/

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19 thoughts on “Pope Francis Wants Even More Islamic Invasion of Europe

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  2. Eileen Kuch

    Pope Benedict XVI was compelled to abdicate, due to a number of scandals during his rather short tenure as Pope; the same can be done with Pope Francis, only for different reasons, such as his support for the destruction of Europe through open borders wherein savages from Africa and Western Asia invade in vast numbers, carrying deadly diseases, as well as pillaging European cities, towns and villages and gang raping women and children. He’s just as guilty of complicity to these atrocities as are Western Europe’s political leaders.
    He’d had done much better if he had offered aid to those savages when they were still living in their own countries. In encouraging the Islamic invasion of Western Europe and the atrocities against innocent citizens, Pope Francis has spit in the faces of those Popes who kept those hordes out of the continent and saved Christendom.

  3. Andrew John

    Actually, many that are referring to Francis as “Pope” Francis are gravely in error and do not understand end-time scripture. The last lawfully ordained Priest unlawfully elected as Pope i.e Anti pope, within Vatican II was Benedict the 16th. Bergolio was neither a lawfully ordained Priest nor Pope. He is the figurehead of the EU’s beast i.e. the woman dressed in purple and scarlet. I am an ethnic Roman Catholic and without confusion.

  4. rlitzen

    Catholic “refugee’ agencies” have made over 2 BILLION dollars from the USA treasury alone over the last 7 years. Pope has found a market for trafficking humans and he has no intention of stopping this great income producer for the Catholic Church.

  5. Allan Kaolan

    Pope is not doing much in promoting the Muslim invasion of Europe. he should get a few mathametics guys to do some simple math. How many of the Arabs and Africans we the Europeans under US dictate killed in their countries? How many of these invading Arabs/Africans homes and their cities we have decimated? Where do you think they should live? Nothing in their countries is left to live in for have bombed the simtherines out of their countries. So get used to it. There are millions more heading your way complements of American Neocon Zionist cabal! Like Ronald Reagan used to say “you ain’t seen nothin yet”!!!

  6. Curmudgeon

    There is nothing wrong with racial discrimination. Non-Whites do it all the time. For the discrimination to be “illegal”, or in Popey Yopie’s case “immoral”, it has to be unfair. I see nothing unfair or immoral in moving to protect our culture, our religion, and most importantly, our women and children from an invasion of deranged non-Whites.

  7. Terry Edmond

    All during the ’70s and ’80s, colleges hyped about ZPG (Zero Population Growth). Most I know had only one child. Now he’s screaming we don[‘t have enough people so we must import the most ignorant races in the world into our society? He’s evil and contradictory! We’re now being genocided with chemicals in our food, plastics, and can linings that are lowering sperm count and growing boobies on all men! WTF!

  8. jha

    someday people will be thanking the pope, as he knows that
    europeans will be running out of food before long.
    foolish black migrants will be easy pickings and are in fact quite tasty,
    especially the small ones, if prepared and cooked properly.
    i have some good recipes if anyone is interested.

  9. Bill

    You want the scum Allah lovers in pape then you need to have them all stay at the Vatican, you are your own country you evil sadistic bastard

  10. Christian Reactionary, commenting from Germany

    What has the birth rate to do with immigration? Japan has a low birth rate too, but has very little immigration. We should keep in mind that today there are more white Europeans alive than two hundred years ago. The mean age is higher, true, but as Thilo Sarrazin wrote: it’s of importance _who_ has the children.

    (Population of Germany in 1800: 20 Million, today: ~70 Million; Geniuses then: numerous, today: as good as extinct.)

    If I had children, they would most likely turn out to be mentally ill and unable to provide for themselves — failures like myself. Now that I am a Christian, I understand that remaining single (and therefore celibate) is perfectly fine and in tune with the Holy Scriptures. After all, Aquinas was unmarried, as were many great Christians.

    To sum up: it’s important that the right people have children, and that they have the right faith: Christ. Otherwise all is lost and we will be ruled by demons, as Vox Day once wrote.

    The current Church — no matter which denomination, including the Orthodox — is in a sad state; I’m glad though that not only the Alt Right is growing, but that I stumble upon more and more Christian Alt-Right bloggers. I just wish there were more like-minded Christians in my native Germany, though.

    All the best and may Christ always be with you,

    A German reader, rendering homage to the great Nicolás Gómez Dávila, who wrote, in two of almost 10.000 aphorisms that he composed:

    “Eugenics appalls those who fear its judgement.”

    “Beneficiaries of slaves will never support birth control.”

    Yes, he was Catholic and rejected the Second Vatican Council:

    “Tongues of fire didn’t descend upon the Second Vatican Council, as they did upon the first assembly of the apostles, but a stream of fire – a Feuerbach.”

  11. Anonymous

    The core of your writing whilst appearing reasonable in the beginning, did not really settle well with me after some time. Someplace within the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a short while. I still have a problem with your leaps in assumptions and one might do nicely to help fill in those breaks. In the event that you can accomplish that, I would definitely be amazed.


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