9 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. John

    Wonder if you have perused either

    the letter to the Duchess of Brabant by Thomas Aquinas published 1959 within
    Political Writings of Thomas Aquinas (Oxford University Press)

    or “The Redemption of Thinking” a translation of lectures by Rudolf Steiner May 1920 printed in
    1956 by Hodder & Stoughton

  2. Glenn Shumway

    I wonder if you have considered the words of the Savior as recorded in John 17:3…
    “This is everlasting life, that they may know You (Father YHVH), THE ONLY TRUE GOD, and Yeshua HaMashiach whom You have sent.”
    Or the words of the Apostle Sha’ul (“Paul”) as recorded in 1 Timothy 2:5…
    For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, THE MAN Mashiach Yeshua,
    And likewise in 1 Corinthians 8:5-6…
    1Co 8:5 For even if there are so-called “gods” whether in heaven or on earth, as indeed there are many “gods” and many “lords”,
    1Co 8:6 yet FOR US THERE IS BUT ONE GOD, THE FATHER, from whom are all things and we exist for Him; and one Lord, Yeshua Mashiach, through (Greek DIA, “through”, not “by”) whom are all things, and we exist through him.”
    Just curious.
    More at http://TorahKingdomLiving.com

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