A Morally Sound Tax Reform Proposal

US Taxpayer

The Oppressed U.S. Taxpayer

This year, Americans’ day of tribute to their federal overlords falls on April 18.  As calculated by the Tax Foundation, the average American will work from January 1 to April 24 (Tax Freedom Day) to pay his share of taxes to all levels of government with some $3.3 trillion to be forked over to the federal government and $1.6 trillion to state and local jurisdictions.*

While any talk of tax cuts are verboten on the Democratic side of the presidential campaign, the remaining Republican contenders have offered their views on the matter suggesting a flat tax, reduction in corporate tax rates, and a call for the consolidation of the current tax bracket from seven to four.*  Most of these and their variations have been trumpeted before and even if enacted would not permanently undo the crushing tax burden or prevent rates from escalating to even more confiscatory heights.

If real and lasting tax relief is ever going to come, a more fundamental alteration of tax policy needs to be taken, which has not been suggested by any of the presidential contenders, but had once been an integral part of the nation’s political thought.

One of America’s most neglected political theorists of the 19th century was South Carolina statesman John C. Calhoun, who wrote the important treatise, A Disquisition on Government.  Calhoun perceptively saw that politically, society is divided between two distinct groups: taxpayers and taxconsumers.  Obviously, taxpayers are the ones who “pay” taxes while taxconsumers, such as government employees, welfare recipients, state contractors, and all others that receive income from the public trough, “consume” or live off taxation.

Naturally, when it comes to the issue of taxation, taxconsumers will be in favor, or, at least, want to maintain the status quo and, more than likely, would support notions of tax increases.  Taxpayers, on the other hand, would oppose increases or enlargement of the tax base, since they are the ones “footing the bill.”

Of course, politicians of all stripes and colors try to blur this distinction that Calhoun so brilliantly made, especially on tax day by declaring how “they paid their taxes.”  This, however, is sophistry.

In reality, politicians are just returning some of the loot that they coercively took from their fellow citizens.  Federal government employees in essence do not pay federal taxes!  Nor do individual state employees pay state taxes.  This is merely an accounting gimmick to bamboozle the public. And, this is one of the reasons that, for the longest time (and wisely so), citizens of the District of Columbia could not vote in federal elections since most of them were government employees and would, in their self interest, oppose tax cuts or public spending reductions.

When government was limited and the welfare state effected only a small group, voting and levels of taxation did not have a significant correlation.  However, with the number of people working for the government in the millions and those dependent on state largesse in the tens of millions, who votes, and in what numbers is extremely important.

It has been recently estimated that of the total U.S. adult population of some 260 million, only one third (some 79 million) can be said not to be dependent on state support for their existence while 70% of the adult population or 57% of the total population is dependent on some form of state aid.  And, unfortunately, all indicators point to more and more headed for the dependency category, primarily due to the destructive economic policies of the Obama Administration.

All of those who seek to lower the oppressive levels of taxation not only in America but throughout the Western world are foolish if they allow those who parasitically live off others to have a voice in choosing candidates or initiatives in regard to taxation.  Democracy does not trump human nature.  State dependents will vote for those they perceive will continue their subsidies.

Instead of lobbying for the redress of phony grievances against Politically Correct victims and groups, social justice warriors should direct their energies to the long suffering U.S. taxpayers and demand that those who live off them should have no say in either how much taxpayers are to pay or how their confiscated wealth is to be dispersed.

*”No Emancipation This Year.”  The Washington Times.  Friday, April 15, 2016, B2.


Antonius Aquinas@AntoniusAquinas

4 thoughts on “A Morally Sound Tax Reform Proposal

  1. joe

    This article is rife with assumptions and dead wrong conclusions.
    Folks, a people that refuse to know the rules that govern their lives are chattel, period. So we all are either taxpayers or taxconsumers?
    This is a belief! This has NO basis in reality. This shows 100% ignorance of any and ALL tax laws in the U.S.
    Folks, imagine you are the owner of a gambling parlor and the dealer in all the games played there (creators of money) and you are in a game of poker. A man sits down at the table with pockets filled with money and ASKS to play (makes an application to be a taxpayer) because he believes he MUST ASK. You hand him a book of the rules of the game in your particular parlor (title 26) so the man has the opportunity to know HOW to play. The man (YOU) throws the book on the floor claiming “I don’t need no stinking rule book” (title 26) and you demand to play this 100% VOLUNTARY game sans ANY knowledge of how to play except what the owner (the fed via lawyers etc) hands down to you! The owner (the fed) knows what he says has NO legal impact since the rules are clear, confusing and complicated but clear. But hey, if YOU want to play a voluntary game you have no knowledge of and CAN’T possibly win without knowing THE F*&KING RULES THAT GOVERN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE why would the owner (the fed) complain?
    There is nothing wrong with title 26. There is EVERYTHING wrong with the ASSumptions all you ignorants make and claim as real while you ignore the rules believing changing WHAT YOU ARE 100% IGNORANT OF will free you OF WHAT YOU NOW HAVE NO LEGAL OBLIGATION TO PAY!!
    Pete has done the research FOR YOU taxpayers that are taxpayers out of VOLUNTARY ignorance so you don’t even have to do what I did which was to JUST START TO LEARN THE RULES OF THIS GAME. Just the beginning effort showed you MUST ASK to be a taxpayer unless you are engaged in a FEW VERY limited activities that most likely none of you are engaged in but none of you would know this would you because YOU don’t need no stinking rules! But you sure can complain about what you are 100% ignorant of. http://www.LostHorizons.com
    Go there, read, comprehend, GROW UP!

  2. SRV

    Agreed, and i have one comment for the author of this piece.

    The Board of Trade and the many hundreds of vulture corporations (many of the vary largest pay no corporate tax at all btw) thank you.

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