Pope Francis Calls Marxist Economic Summit


Pope Francis and his mentor

As if there needs to be further evidence that the current occupant of St. Peter’s Chair in Rome is a Marxist, the announcement of an upcoming conference at Assisi entitled the “Economy of Francesco” should convince any skeptic otherwise.

In his invitation letter to “young economists and entrepreneurs worldwide,” Bergoglio sets the agenda for the Leftist confab quite clearly which is virulently anti-market, a call for massive redistribution of wealth, and a reordering of the current economic systems of the world with a healthy dose of climate change nonesense:

. . . a different kind of economy: one that brings life not death, one that is inclusive and not exclusive, humane and not dehumanizing, one that cares for the environment and does not despoil it.*

While Bergoglio’s Marxist credentials have been firmly established, his blashemous  actions and words has a growing number outside of “sedevacantist circles” calling him a heretic.  The legitimacy of “Pope Francis,” however, is more fundamental than him being a manifest heretic, but his standing as a legitimate pope is invalid since his ordination as a priest and his consecration as a bishop came under the new rites of Holy Orders instituted in the wake of the Second Vatican anti-Council (1962-1965).

The mastermind behind Bergoglio’s summit is professor Luigino Bruni and from his comments he sounds more radical than the Argentine Apostate, if that is possible.  Professor Bruni wants to use taxation as a weapon to “redistribute income and wealth from the rich to the poor.”*

Bruni, a professor of political economy at the Italian University, LUMSA, and the author of a number of books, basis his advocacy for redistribution of wealth on the Scriptures:

[T]he Bible has many words to offer our economic life and ideas [with] the transformation of wealth into well-being.**

It appears that the good professor’s Bible is missing the Seventh Commandment of the Decalogue which solemnly states: THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!  In no legitimate commentary ever written on this Commandment is there an exception made for the confiscation of wealth from the well-to-do to be given to the poor.  Probably just an oversight on the Professor’s part.

Because they are blinded by socialistic ideology, Bruni, Bergoglio, and the likes of Bernie Sanders cannot see that the growing wealth inequality which they complain about is not the result of “capitalism,” but is the outcome of the monetary policy of the world’s central banks.  This, along with tax policies which hamper innovation and shield the entrenched financial class from competition, is why financial elites are able to maintain and increase their power.

Central bank policy of suppressing interest rates and of money printing allow banks and financial institutions to receive “free money” which they can invest and speculate with at zero cost.  The boom (actually a bubble) in asset prices on Wall Street is a demonstration of how wealth disparity takes place.

If Bergoglio really meant to reform the present system, he would call for the abolition of central banking and a return to “hard money.”  Under such an order, banks and financial institutions become wealthy on their ability to make prudent investment decisions subjected to profit and loss.  A free market in banking is the antithesis of the current system of credit expansion and money printing.

Not only have Bergoglio and his cohorts abandoned the Faith, but they have also overturned the Church’s long-held condemnation of socialism and have ignored many of its own outstanding thinkers on financial matters.  From the Scholastics to the School of Salamanca through the Jesuits and the great Cardinal Cajetan, who finally taught the proper doctrine on interest rates, the Church has produced scores of eminent economic thinkers in its long history.

index 1

School of Salamanca

Ever since socialism reared its ugly head as a social system of thought, the Church has warned of its dangers even its more milder forms as Pope Pius XII wrote, “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism.”  Since Vatican II and especially under Bergoglio’s regime, however, Leftist ideas of all sorts have been warmly embraced.

At the heart of socialism, be it Marxism or its equally pernicious variants, lies envy which became a part of the human condition with the fall of man.  While once condemned, envy has been turned into a virtue by the likes of Bergoglio.

While such ideas may sound appealing to human sensibilities, they will not pass the Divine Judge who knows the thoughts and souls of all His creatures even those of supposed popes.

*Vatican website: http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/letters/2019/documents/papa-francesco_20190501_giovani-imprenditori.html

**Jules Gomes, “Pope Francis Convenes ‘Anti-Capitalism’ Summit,”  Church Militant.com, 15 January 2020.

Antonius Aquinas@antoniusaquinas




28 thoughts on “Pope Francis Calls Marxist Economic Summit

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  9. Christian Rosenkreutz

    Why excoriating Bergoglio, if the Society of Jesus is not taken into account as the root of all problems affecting not only the Roman-Catholic Church but all the religious institutions of this world.
    RELIGION = institutionalized spirituality whose only goal is to control and subdue the masses

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  17. altimos trepidario

    Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

    The system that has so enriched the self-serving Davos Crowd is unraveling, and technocratic tweaks, carbon trading and philanthro-capitalism can’t fix what’s broken.

    Thought experiment: If the Martians teleported the entire Davos Crowd to a distant moon, who would mourn and who would cheer? Friends and family of the disappeared elites would of course mourn their teleportation to a Martian facility on a distant moon, but who else would mourn, other than the flunkies and apparatchiks in the corporate media?

    Who would cheer? Everybody who is tired of the dominance of an elite who skims billions from the rest of us “for our own good.” The Davos Crowd is focusing on climate change because they see it as the latest and greatest opportunity to add more billions to their net worth via the skimming operation known as Carbon Trading and controlling the vast capital flows into New Green Deal boondoggles.

    Who would cheer? Everybody who is tired of the Davos Crowd viewing themselves as “the solution” rather than “the problem.” The unprecedented concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few in Davos isn’t a problem, it’s an “opportunity” because the Davos Crowd is immensely confident in the goodness and rightness of their power and control.

    The Davos Crowd knows what’s best for the planet, so please get out of the way and let us take care of climate change, etc. our way, which just so happens to be extraordinarily profitable for us. But that’s to be expected because we’re so smart and hard-working and we care.

    The hubris, sanctimony, false sympathy and hypocrisy of the Davos Crowd is off the charts. Having stripmined the Earth and its workforce for their existing billions, now they want to add to their billions by “fixing” what they broke in the most profitable possible fashion.

    The Davos Crowd is incapable of recognizing that the unprecedented concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few in Davos is the core problem. The happy cover story for further exploitation and predation is philanthro-capitalism, “do-good” projects that enshrine the power of elites and engineer a status quo that continues to divert wealth to the Davos elites under the virtue-signaling cover of philanthro-capitalism.

    The Davos Crowd and their vast armies of apparatchiks, toadies, apologists and technocrat flunkies don’t understand why we would cheer their teleportation to a distant moon. Their right to rule (droit de seigneur) is so obvious and well, just so right that those doubting it must be sadly delusional.

    The delusion is in Davos. The system that has so enriched the self-serving Davos Crowd is unraveling, and technocratic tweaks, carbon trading and philanthro-capitalism can’t fix what’s broken.

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  25. Michael Brendan Heaney

    Wow, this aggressive opposition to ethical economic approaches that reduce poverty and preserve our environment, under the claim that they just amount to envy of those who hoard limited wealth they have no claim to, is exactly what is driving intelligent, ethical humans away from the Church. You’re everything a religion that claims to promote a loving god doesn’t need.

    Seriously, this is disgusting to read, cheap political propaganda masquerading as a believe in the divine. No one who has read the Gospels could read this and mistake you for a believer in Christ.

  26. Maurice Anholt

    It seems that almost daily Pope Bergoglio has something new to say, and he can’t help it, nor should we expect him not to have anything new to say. A few thousand years ago, the Apostle John wrote in the Book of Revelation, and he also had plenty to say about end-times prophesy, concerning Pope Francis, who almost daily is fulfilling those things that John wrote about so many years ago. Didn’t Pope Francis recently return from a stellar presentation to the United Nations leaders about his one world economic policy to centralize the Banking Industry, and even though it has been said so many times before, this time it seemed to resonate so deeply with his audience there. And, how about his one world religion material he was able to talk about, and how the Catholic Church would accept Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Alien, Agnostic, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Masons, Secret Societies, Satanists, Luciferians, the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Pedophile Community and so many more people of diverse beliefs and blend it into a new Religion called Chrislam, even if there were Catholics who didn’t want such a diverse group of people with so many different beliefs in their church, but they had no vote, no voice, and all these new converts were to be recognized as being in “good standing” within the Church. What an easy way to evaporate decades of problematic pedophilia in the Vatican and elsewhere in the church with a quick mandate. Just recently, we were able to share in viewing some of the debacle of the Aqua Circus held in the Serpent Hall in the Vatican for the Pope to enjoy, and even though he was probably saddened by the lack of very young little boys to entertain in that great Hall, there were probably plenty of little fellas to meet the Cardinals elsewhere for a photo shoot, just like Joe Biden has with little girls in the White House, aren’t they creepy? If you haven’t figured out why Pope Francis has so much to talk about, in my opinion, it seems that he is the last pope, and that he is shedding the pope status for that of the False Prophet, who much like John the Baptist readied the way for Jesus, Francis is preparing the way for the Antichrist to be our one world leader and dictator who will seem to have all the answers to all the world problems. Francis has such a beautiful plan for Dubai, where land has been set aside to assemble a church, a synagogue, and a mosque all in one place to unite all the religions into Chrislam, and fulfilling all that prophesy will give Francis plenty to talk about, that he will hardly be able to contain himself, and why should he? Forget about mandatory vaccinations, they will pale in the distance compared to the mandatory Mark of the Beast, and that is why Francis can not stop talking, he’s fulfilling prophesy just as predicted thousands of years ago in the Bible, and we don’t know if he is human or if we are entertaining an angel unaware, do we?

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