Christopher Columbus and the Falsification of History

columbus and isabella

The Los Angeles City Council’s recent, crazed decision* to replace Christopher Columbus Day with one celebrating “indigenous peoples” can be traced to the falsification of history and denigration of European man which began in earnest in the 1960s throughout the educational establishment (from grade school through the universities), book publishing, and the print and electronic media.  It is amazing that, as of yet, the federal holiday commemorating the Genoese explorer’s world- changing voyage has not come under attack.  It is doubtful that in the current radicalized leftist ideological atmosphere, the national government’s recognition of Columbus will survive much longer.

Most of what has been taught about Christopher Columbus and his holy and heroic patroness has been distorted, lied about, and politicized for the advancement of leftist causes, the most important of which is the smearing of the great European men of the past and to ridicule their descendants’ pride in their glorious heritage.  The historical untruths have not stopped with Columbus and Queen Isabella, but are being spread about conditions of the pre-Columbian societies.

Instead of an idyllic land where the inhabitants lived in peace and harmony with one another until the evil, conquering white man appeared, life in the pre-Columbian Americas’ was, to say the least, quite grisly.  A recent archeological discovery in Mexico City of the ancient Aztec Empire shows again what most knew, prior to the onslaught of leftist historical revisionism, that human sacrifice was practiced on a large scale.**

Archeologists have found more than 650 skulls where human sacrifices were conducted at the site of Templo Mayor, which was one of the primary temples of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan.  The new find substantiates the description of Andres de Tapia, a Spanish soldier who accompanied conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1521, and his account of the discovery of tens of thousands of skulls which were in the temple that became known as Huey Tzompantli.  The number of skulls must have been vast for they “struck fear” in the hearty and seasoned Spanish explorers.

human sacrifice

A depiction of human sacrifice in Mesoamerica

That the Spanish immediately ended this hellish practice is not much spoken about by history professors in their lectures to their gullible students, nor did the Los Angeles City Council refer to the satanic ritual during their announcement.  Such inconvenient facts do not fit the liberal paradigm of the evil, marauding conquistadors subjugating the innocent Mesoamerican peoples to Spanish rule.  Nor will there be much mention that Columbus’ discovery brought civilization to the pagans and more importantly – and horrifically for the politically-correct – Christianity to the indigenous peoples and a chance for eternal salvation.

The takedown of Columbus is also a swipe at the figure who made his exploits altogether possible.  For Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand’s underwriting of the great Genoese Admiral’s voyage came only after they had completed their sacred mission of ridding the Iberian Peninsula of the dreaded Moors.  Once accomplished, the Queen fulfilled her promise to finance Columbus.  It has been contended by some scholars that the discovery of the New World under Spanish auspices was a reward by Divine Providence for the freeing of Spain of the Mohammedan menace.

Instead of enslavement and plunder that leftist historians accuse the Spanish Crown as motives for the exploration, the exact opposite was the truth, as candidly stated by Columbus himself: “she [Isabella] would continue the experiment for the glory of God and His Church, even if the islands yielded nothing but rocks and stones.  She had spent more money . . .  on enterprises of less importance, and would consider all she had disbursed well employed, for it would result in the spread of [Christianity] and the good of Spain.”***

Nearly every moral and ethical system ever devised has always condemned ingratitude.  Acknowledgement and veneration of the glorious deeds of those of the past in which a civilization was built is a necessary duty for its preservation.  When a culture’s icons are ignorantly defamed or replaced, it is a sure sign that it is in steep decline.  The scuttling of the yearly commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ monumental expeditions by the city of Los Angeles is another ominous indicator of a deeply troubled and disintegrating society.

*Tyler Durden, “Los Angeles Changes ‘Columbus Day’ to ‘Indigenous Peoples Day.'”  Zero Hedge.  31 August 2017.

**Reuters, “Tower of Human Skulls in Mexico Casts New Light on Aztec Sacrifices.”  2 July 2107.

*** Quoted in Rev. Frs. Alphonsus Maria Duran, M.J., and Paul Mary Vota, M.J., “Why Apologize for the Spanish Inquisition?” (Chicago: Miles Jesu, 2000), p. 10.

Antonius Aquinas@AntoniusAquinas


29 thoughts on “Christopher Columbus and the Falsification of History

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  13. Anon

    HI AA: Not trying to be cute here, but: Wasn’t Christopher Columbus simply the “Progressive of his Era”? He arrived in the New World and discovered a society that was odious to his way of thinking (pagan & sacrificing humans) and he changed it; as he would say, for the better. Furthermore, if a society like the Aztecs, with all its barbarity, existed today somewhere on the globe, do you think the progressives of this era would leave it in peace? They can’t leave the people of Idaho alone to make their own choices, about how best to govern and regulate themselves, so are we to believe the Aztecs would get a free pass? Now that Amer-Indian societies are gone, they disown Columbus, which seems very convenient.

    If this holds, and you find it interesting or compelling, maybe you can do a follow-up to this piece? I think it would be worthy.

    *Additionally, how is not destroying a statue of Columbus similar to the Taliban destroying the Buddhas of Bamiyan? The Taliban were offended by the Buddhas (as Progressives are similarly offended by Columbus) and now these 1500 year old statues are gone for the sake of creating a pure Islamic State (which they see as an improvement. It all seems like cognitive dissonance to me.

    1. Anon

      Just a follow-up to the Columbus Progressive comment: After the progressive group Antifa has done its violent work, no doubt Antifa too will go the way of Columbus, being condemned after the fact, as already is beginning to happen now. Maybe my mind is muddled here, but the Columbus – Progressive connection seems so clear to me now. Am I incorrect?

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  15. Seb

    Civilized means living in cities (from Latin). And all civilization need slavery and wars to expand. Civilized people commit massacres, genocides, and cannibalism when they collapse. It’s because cities need to grow, and they need resources from other places, and people from other places need to submit.
    Traditional people (or salvage people, Latin meaning “from the forest) don’t do that, with only very very few exceptions – maybe some cannibals on a handful of Islands.
    There was cities and civilizations in south America, NOT in north America. That’s why civilized Incas were sacrificing others non-civilized native indians. That’s why you cannot find any example of mass human sacrifice in north America. North American Indians started to kill civilians and do “scalps’ only after the influence of western colonizers.
    Study history, don’t be an ass.

    1. Anon

      As the original native Americans migrated over the Bering Land Bridge and were descendants of the Asiatics I find it remarkable that the culture they developed in North America would be any different than the one they left behind.
      Anasazi of Chaco Canyon:;art46,62
      Toltec / Maya / Aztec
      Kuru: Science & the Sorcery

      1. Seb

        Your answer is besides my point, since you give examples of civilizations in south America
        Now when did they migrate ? And when civilization emerged in Asia ?
        What exactly is remarkable in what you find remarkable ?

      2. Seb

        oh yes, the Anasazi and Hohokams, indeed, who were the only exceptions in North América, and the fact that they had cannibalism goes back to the fact that those were… civilized, and they did resort to cannibalism when their civilization collapsed and food became scarced – just like we actually do in all the histories of famine that systematically plague civilizations.
        They are a small exception.
        The article here above is pure garbage, and a flagrant display of ignorance and double standards.

    2. Wesley

      Geographically, North America includes Mexico, so Aztec cities were in North America. Most Americans consider only Canada and the USA to be North America which is wrong. As to human sacrifices, I consider the Salem Witch Trials to be sacrifice, the Spanish Inquisition to be human sacrifice and the killing of heretics to be human sacrifice, all done to appease gods. Also, Christopher Columbus did not discover anything. Millions of people had lived in the Americas long before his arrival. Though physical evidence only exists to date humans living in the Americas to about 20,000 BCE to 12,500 BCE, it is possible humans could have arrived in 40,000 BCE or even 50,000 BCE because humans reached places as remote as Australia and Siberia then too. Evidence exists that the Bering Land bridge may have been a passable, lush and green connection between Siberia and Alaska at various points in history. One of the problems in trying to set absolute dates is that ancient evidence tends to only come in the form of stone remains, such as structures or tools. If an ancient culture build with trees and reeds, grasses and so on, nothing would likely remain after tens of thousands of years. Nearly the only evidence that people lived in Europe are cave paintings. Everything else pretty much disintegrated. As far as I am concerned, Christopher Columbus sailed three ships and arrived in an area of the planet others had already been to. He discovered nothing. It would be like erecting a statue to me because I once traveled to Idaho. I didn’t discover Idaho. It would make sense for people in Spain to erect a statue of him though, since he helped found the Spanish Empire. For them that would be significant. But if you want to argue that he helped connect the Americas and Europe and make the existence of the Americas known to Europeans and the existence of Europe known to those in the Americas? I will agree that has been historically significant.

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  18. Santo Tomás de Aquino

    Why do the US still referred as Americas and not America as one continent? The Spanish discovered America. The US stole the name America as the US left (Democrat Party) stole the word Liberal from the right or anti-statist.

  19. Andi Ziegelman

    It is currently maintained that the financiers of the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World were two Secret Jews and one open Jew. Their names are: Louis de Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez, the two Secret Jews; and Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel, the open Jew who was a major advisor to a Spanish ruler.
    The amounts that these men contruted to the voyage is known and can be found on the Internet.

  20. Chris Columbus

    Read Orwell’s “1984.” “He who controls the past, controls the present. He who controls the present, controls the future.” and “…A jackboot stomping a human face; forever.” Destroy the past – control the present. And the future. That’s where we at.

  21. jacobwaltz

    Cortez found the natives to be eating the people they were killing. They were actually killing people for food. That’s the secret the liberals that are trying to change history are trying to hide.
    These followers of satan are psychopaths who are wickedly evil, but they believe that they are acting honorably, because they are actually enslaved in a dark consciousness by their master, the prince of evil and darkness.


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