Rock ‘N’ Roll Has Got to GO!

R n R

Has Got to GO!

Those who believe that the Western world can solely be turned around by the enactment of sound economic policies are sadly mistaken.  Until the Left is not only defeated, but annihilate in the culture war, the decline of the West both economically and socially will continue as recently witnessed by the “controversy” over the use of public bathrooms by perverts.

To accomplish such a necessary task, those on the Right must identify the means and mechanism by which liberalism has so adroitly used to accomplish the cultural transformation.

No finer example of the Left’s use of a medium for its depraved ends can be seen in that of rock “music.”  It is safe to say that rock ‘n’ roll has done more to undermine public morality than all of the judicial activism and welfare legislation enacted throughout the past half century or so.  And, without a conducive social atmosphere created by such music, it is doubtful that the sexual revolution and its perverse byproducts such as militant homosexuality and feminism would have ever flourished.

While initially rock was relatively innocuous, it, nevertheless, was subversive to traditional morality.  Most rock songs are couched in cleverly worded lyrics which promote promiscuity, vices such as drug use, and frequently mocks Christianity, all of which has led to the corruption and eventual ruination of countless lives.

Yet, despite these well established sociological “facts” of rock ‘n’ roll’s corrupting influence, those among the Right have long ago accepted this insidious form of music.  In fact, many actually promote it.  Rock is used as lead-in and background music to conservative television and radio programs while publications carry reviews of rock albums and concerts with writers often boasting about attending such events with their wives and children in tow.

After the recent passing of the degenerate and truly odd character who went by the name of “Prince,” a number of conservative outlets praised his “music” while one popular radio and television personality attempted to make the case that Prince was an opponent of the New World Order!

At one time, the culture war was an integral part of the political discourse, however, the debate over the issues of that war have been abandoned.  The acceptance of rock music by the Right is another demonstration of how it has succumbed to nearly all of liberalism’s premises.

The Left has understood (and still does) that through mediums such as television, motion pictures, and music, they could accomplish their agenda despite setbacks in the political arena.  While unsuccessful for a time in politics, they were, nevertheless, winning the important cultural battles and it was through rock music that society was gradually transformed.

There is, thus, no need for those who seek a return to traditional society to celebrate and embrace rock music, instead it should be treated with scorn.  But, it must first be recognized for the evil that it is.

While rock music must be understood for what it represents and debunked for its part in the triumph of the counterculture, an alternative should also be offered.  Happily, one can be readily found in the sublime and societal enhancing music of such masters as Brahms, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

Better still, St. Augustine reportedly remarked, “Qui cantat, bis orat” (“A person who sings prays twice”).  When Western man’s Creator is once again prayed to through the music of such greats as Palestrina, Victoria, and Byrd throughout all the lands will the cultural war be won and society revitalized while rock music will be a distant and regrettable memory of a troubled time.


Antonius Aquinas@AntoniusAquinas

5 thoughts on “Rock ‘N’ Roll Has Got to GO!

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  2. gary

    the words/lyrics were a faint was the music itself that moved the soul.. never felt an anti-God or anti-society message because i didn’t didn’t pay no never mind to the lyrics..sorry..

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  4. Dave of OK

    There are three things I wish never came into the world: Rock-n-roll music, contraceptive pills, and television. The three have done more than anything to destroy civilization and bring us into a new dark age. I keep waiting for a generation to come along and truly rebel against the former generation by giving up on rock music entirely and return to classical music or at least a modern souped-up version of it. Maybe that is what God intended Jazz to do. I was hoping the Moody Blues were going to take us in that direction of a rebirth of classical music, but nothing came of it, maybe too much weed. I still hold out hope in this post-modern thing. Maybe with that becoming more in vogue, we will have a generation that wakes up. However, with the society so far gone, I wonder how we can turn it around, it is so much a part of us that to try to ban it will cause a worldwide revolt.
    Maybe that is why I am a prepper and hope what is coming is more than a 3 month lights out event, but one that takes us back to a time before electronic music, the chemistry of contraception, and of course television.

  5. stlonginus

    You wrote:
    “The Left has understood (and still does) that through mediums such as television, motion pictures, and music, they could accomplish their agenda despite setbacks in the political arena.”

    It isn’t only the Left that has understood that the medium is the message. The agenda is world wide and it’s run by people at the top who have given the unwashed masses (down below, at the base) the left/right paradigm as distraction. It has always worked so well, why change a good thing?


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